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Become an HRA Council Member

The HRA Council is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization shaping the future of Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Members build the vibrant defined contribution market for employer-supported health coverage, providing education, promotion, and advocacy including appropriate safeguards and consumer protections. We work with stakeholders and policymakers to identify barriers, reduce process friction and administrative burdens, promote best practices, strengthen the health insurance landscape, and increase consumer access, affordability, and choice.

Download our informational flyer to learn more about the benefits of HRA Council Membership and educate decision-makers at your organization on why you should join or renew today.


More on What We Do

Four Steps to Join/Renew:

1.  Identify your Membership level.

We qualify firms as "large" or "small" based on Gross Annual Revenue. Select the option that best describes your work --  Carriers, Administrators, Agencies/Brokerages/Consultants, or Professional Services -- to learn more. 

2.  Apply.

The links include an application which asks for your organization's "Bundle Coordinator." This person will serve as the primary contact for HRA Council. 

3. Pay.

After your application is approved, the designated "Bundle Coordinator" will receive an invoice.  Payments can be made by check or credit card. If needed, an HRA Council W9 can be provided. 

4. Onboard.

Upon payment of the invoice, your membership is activated. The "Bundle Coordinator" will receive instructions on next steps, access to the Member Portal, and an invitation to add more colleagues to assist with the ongoing work of our member-driven organization. 

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