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HRA and ICHRA Educational Resources

The HRA Council supports the vibrant defined contribution market for employer-supported health coverage, providing education, promotion, and advocacy including appropriate safeguards and consumer protections.

We provide these resources for our colleagues in the insurance industry, employers considering switching to ICHRAs/QSEHRAs or other defined-contribution arrangements for health coverage, and policymakers who are interested in helping to protect or bolster HRAs as a way to build more freedom and more choice into US health coverage.


ICHRAs and QSEHRAs At a Glance 

The HRA Council identified several topics of interest and are now offering one-page overviews. To learn more about the history of ICRHA, a comparison of ICHRAs and QSEHRAs, compliance, what employees need to know, and much more, click here to download these helpful resources.

IRS ACA Tax Provisions for Employers


2020 Health Care Delivery Survey from HRA Council Member Willis Towers Watson

Are organizations shifting to lower-cost, higher-value health care models? HRA Council Founding Member Willis Towers Watson examined options to drive cost savings and achieve improved results in this 2020 Survey Report.

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Press Release: "Employers express interest in individual coverage health reimbursement arrangements" from HRA Council Member Willis Towers Watson

Further analysis from the 202 Health Care Delivery Survey from HRA Council Founding Member Willis Towers Watson shows strongest interest in public sector, education, wholesale and retail industries

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Report: "Rate Favorable States for Small Groups to Shift to ICHRAs" from HRA Council Member Vericred

From the report: "From 2019 to 2021, state-average individual plan premiums actually went down in real dollar terms in two thirds (67%) of the country. Small group rates, on the other hand, fell in only 12-20% of the states, depending on metal level. The data has spoken: Individual rates are falling."

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