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Find an ICHRA/QSEHRA Partner

HRA Council Members are ready to help. 

HRA Council Members administer Health Reimbursement Arrangements 

for employers of all sizes. 

If you are new to this exciting world of employer-sponsored insurance that empowers employees to choose their own coverage plans, HRA Council Members can help. Our membership includes brokers, administrators, enrollment firms, technology companies and more to help you assess if HRAs like QSEHRAs and ICHRAs are the best solution for your employees and organization.

About Us

The HRA Council is a member-driven, non-partisan nonprofit focused on education and advocacy for appropriate safeguards and consumer protections. We work with stakeholders and policymakers to identify barriers, reduce process friction and administrative burdens, promote best practices, strengthen the health insurance landscape, and increase consumer access, affordability, and choice.

As a nonprofit trade association, we do not sell HRAs nor do we act as a referral service. You are welcome to introduce yourself to our Members and learn more about them. They are health insurance leaders, brokers, administrators, insurers, enrollment firms, technology companies, support organizations, and employers offering defined contribution health coverage.


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