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Be an HR hero with the power of HRAs.

The HRA Council is committed to sharing resources and information showing how you and the powerful health coverage solution HRAs (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) can save the day at your firm by...

  • Delivering higher satisfaction for employees,
  • Controlling costs with predictable budgeting, and
  • Giving you the solution  you've been seeking to retain talent and adapt to ever-changing workforce trends and health benefits considerations.

If you want to achieve any of the following goals for your organization, individual coverage HRAs may be the right move:
  • Protecting the budget from rising insurance costs each year
  • Empowering employees to choose the insurance that’s right for them
  • Learning about alternatives after a big renewal
  • Increasing employee satisfaction with their insurance benefits
  • Helping employees with benefits
  • Insuring remote, hybrid, and part-time workers
  • Learning about tax-friendly benefits
  • Relinquishing the risk of a group plan
  • Offering health benefits for the first time
  • Providing flexibility, simplicity, and customization
  • Exploring options if you did not qualify for group coverage

Sharing even one of these goals in how you offer health benefits to your employees means you might benefit from talking to an HRA Council Member about ICHRA and QSEHRA.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements have been called the “401ks” of health insurance, since they are defined contribution benefits. You as the employer sets the budget for the benefit amount, and your employees choose the quality, ACA-compliant coverage best for themselves and their dependents.

Report: Growth Trends for ICHRA & QSEHRA 2023

Following our inaugural data report, this second continues to examine the nationwide adoption and steady growth of HRAs as an employer-sponsored health coverage solution.

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  The HRA Council Offers More Educational Resources About HRAs

Our primary mission is education. We provide 360° of education to all stakeholders in employer-sponsored health coverage, including employers facing ongoing complexities in offering health benefits.

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If you have a question about QSEHRAs and ICHRAs for your organization, please email us and we'll connect you to the appropriate people to answer your question. Please be as specific as possible in your request, as that helps us match you with an expert.

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